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Getting arrested is not only emotionally straining, but it also financially stressful.  Your career can be put in to question.  Not only does it affect you, but your friends and family.  Whatever the charge, our lawyers at Chapman Law Firm are ready to fight for you today.  Our fearless lawyers have been defending clients throughout western North Dakota and eastern Montana for years.  Whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, let us develop an effective defense strategy that will help you in your time of need.

Our Commitment To Your Case

Every criminal case requires a unique defense.  It takes an experienced and diligent lawyers to establish a structured defense catered to each specific case.  The attorneys at Chapman Law Firm, P.C. have the necessary experience and skills that will allow them to navigate you through every aspect of the court process.  They are passionate and understanding of every individual's personal circumstancing, and will give you the most effective representation that you will be able to get in this region.  Our approach to each case involves:

  • Initial consultation​​

    • Free case review

    • Explanation/discussion on how we can help you through the court process

    • Price Quote (including flat fees for most North Dakota cases and hourly pricing for Montana

    • Initial paperwork to get us started on your representation that same day

  • Discovery and Reports Analysis/Defense Strategy Preparation

    • After we get all the reports, videos, etc., your lawyer will review all data to come up with the best defense for your case.  This will help in their negotiations with the prosecutors office.​

    • Strategy development for your case.  Your lawyers will discuss your reports with you (you will get a copy of everything for your records) and let you know the best possible defense options available to you.

  • Negotiations with the prosecution

    • Our lawyers work with the prosecution to try and get your case dismissed or to get the best possible settlement for your case

    • Your lawyers will walk to you about what settlement possibilities have been put on the table.  YOU have the final say in whether you want to settle out of court or if you want to have us defend you during a trial

  • Trial Preparation

    • If we cannot get the case dismissed and you have decided that you want to go to trial, our lawyers will continue their process of creating your defense for trial​

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Drunk driving offensesRepresentation to protect your license through the North Dakota Department of Transportation, and mitigation of potential consequences of a DUI arrest or another related charge.

  • Theft charges: Representation for charges of theft, burglary, or other related charges.

  • Drug charges: Representation of possession, distribution and trafficking charges stemming from all types of controlled substances.

  • Violent crimesRepresentation of assault, homicide or other violent charges.

  • Sex offenseIt can feel like the odds are stacked against you after a sex crime charge.  We provide discrete, confidential advice when working to protect your rights.


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