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Our expert trial lawyers are dedicated to providing you with excellent legal representation.  Our diligent staff will be there to help guide you through the process, while our industrious lawyers prepare on your behalf for the best possible outcome in your case.  

As a firm of trial lawyers, we know how to effectively advocate in court on your behalf.  Our diligent preparation and thorough analysis will set your case up for success.

Local Attorneys Who Understand Your Needs

Our experienced lawyers and staff are ready to fight for your rights and freedoms.  We understand that the court process can be stressful and financially straining on not only you, but your family as well.  Sometimes having the help that you need to go through this process makes all the difference. With attorneys who are originally from the area, our firm is in a prime position to understand the community and the unique issues that its citizens face every day.  

Our history of success and our commitment to ethical practices has earned us the trust and respect of our clients and our peers.  We are honored to frequently receive referrals, and we would be privileged to work with you on your case.

Small Enough To Care, Large Enough To Succeed

Our firm has been a fixture of western North Dakota for more than 25 years. We understand the community as well as the state and federal court system, and we work work closely with you to identify the best course of action for your case.  Here at Chapman Law Firm, P.C., you are not just another face.  Our attentive attorneys are there for you to support you during the entire court process.  We will work to get you the best outcome while making sure that you understand everything along the way.  If you are not satisfied with your settlement, your attorney will work hard to prepare for a trial.

Our firm boasts a crew of 3 highly experienced trial lawyers and 3 knowledgeable paralegals.  Our understanding and hard-working staff are ready and prepared to help you out no matter how arduous or difficult the task may seem.  Havin resolved numerous high-profile cases, you can trust our office to provide top notch legal service.

Respected Law Firm Actively Pursues Justice On Behalf Of Their Clients

Securing the best possible outcome for your case is clearly important to you and your family.  The court process can be confusing.  Our law firm knows how to get the results you need and will help to guide you through every aspect of your case.  Whether you have suffered an injury or have been charged with a crime or need to get the compensation that you deserve, Chapman Law Firm, P.C., is ready to help you get the results that you want and deserve. Our hard work, preparation, and thorough analysis will be there to set you up for a successful outcome.

Our Successful Criminal Defense Strategy

What to Expect When You Choose Chapman Law Firm, P.C. to Represent You

Every criminal case requires a unique defense.  It takes an experienced and diligent lawyers to establish a structured defense catered to each specific case.  The attorneys at Chapman Law Firm, P.C. have the necessary experience and skills that will allow them to navigate you through every aspect of the court process.  They are passionate and understanding of every individual's personal circumstancing, and will give you the most effective representation that you will be able to get in this region.  Our approach to each case involves:

  1. Free Initial Consultation - You Explain, We Listen​​

    • ​In order for us to develop a unique defense in your case, we need to know about you as a person and every detail of the event that brought you to us​

    • Explanation/discussion on what we can do for you and how we can help you through the court process

    • Initial paperwork to get us started on your representation that same day

  2. Strategy Preparation

    • After we get all the reports, videos, etc., your lawyer will review all data to come up with the best defense for your case.  This will help in their negotiations with the prosecutors office.​

    • Strategy development for your case.   

  3. Communication

    • Your lawyers will discuss your reports with you (you will get a copy of everything for your records) and let you know the best possible defense options available to you
  4. Negotiations 

    • Our lawyers work with the prosecution to try and get your case dismissed or to get the best possible settlement for your case

    • Your lawyers will walk to you about what settlement possibilities have been put on the table.  YOU have the final say in whether you want to settle out of court or if you want to have us defend you during a trial

  5. Settlement and/or Trial Preparation

    • If we cannot get the case dismissed or settled outside of court or you have decided that you want to go to trial, our lawyers will continue their process of preparing your defense for trial​.  They will take you through the process and walk with you step-by-step so that you feel safe knowing that they will fight for a successful verdict.

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